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As our official Ramble photographer, Dawn O’Connell has donated her time and talent to thousands of beautiful, funny, touching photographs of the Ramble since 2010. Thank you, Dawn!!


Dawn O’Connell, exhibiting work at the Ramble 2010

With longtime Ramble photographer extraordinaire Dawn O’Connell out of town in 2014…

(See her fabulous work by clicking here!)

…Timothy Eakle of Studio 360 came to the rescue, camera in hand!

Here is a message from Timothy:
“Attn: O.N.E. Ramblers: your images are ready!!
We found an image host with all sorts of great options to print on, like metal and robes?!?! Plus all the download options you could want. The heavily requested JUMP! is in there and much much more!! If you have a special request(/s) we can help with that as well.
If you purchase anything from the series, 30% of all profits go back into The Ramble so we can increase the good times in 2015!!”
Please view the photographs from Studio 360 by clicking here.
Thank you to all the incredible photographers who have documented the Ramble over the years: Dawn O’Connell, Timothy Eakle, Ted Wimpey, Megan Humphrey, Serenity Bolt, Clement Yonkers, Raychel Severance, Rob Blevins, Jeremy Gantz, D. Higgins, Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist from the Burlington Free Press, and countless others!
(Photos featured below were taken by the aforementioned people, in addition to board members Heather Driscoll and Darshana Bolt).

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